A Word from the Chief Yogini: Work For Yourself Not By Yourself

chief yogini Maria Turco

Alone. A word that terrifies some of us, but can also be energizing. Potential business owners often want to be independent and their own bosses, but, at the same time, they may be afraid that they will have to do everything alone. The truth is, of course, that everyone needs other people, even if you’re a Chief Yogini. You will need co-workers, staff, and, of course, customers and clients.

I like to tell people that you want to think of your career as a studio owner, whether you choose to join a franchise or not, as being in business for yourself not by yourself. That mantra will not only help you spiritually (no one wants to be alone, even if they want to be independent), but it will also help grow your business. All businesses are about people.

When I opened my first fitness club, I didn’t do it alone. I partnered with people who complemented my weaknesses. In fact, if you have a fear about being a business owner, it usually reflects a weakness you know you have. Therefore, bringing in resources and people to support you in those areas will complete your circle and erase (or at least reduce) your fear. Meanwhile, as you build these components and relationships, you are also building community.

For example, let’s say you love taking yoga classes and being in a yoga studio, and you also have strong accounting and marketing skills, but you don’t have a calling to actually teach yoga classes. You can still be a studio owner! You just need to find the right partner: Someone who wants to teach. Then, you will work together to hire other teachers and purchase equipment, among other decisions. See, you are working for yourself, not by yourself.

Franchises like Honor Yoga also solve the “work for yourself not by yourself” issue because for a small monthly fee you get a blueprint on how to start and build your business. You get a network of other studio owners, as well as core support in marketing, and other areas. Immediately, you are building community and yet working for yourself, which is one of the magic equations for success.

Dana Toff
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