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This is Yoga Series

Honor Yoga’s 4-week This is Yoga series introduces foundational postures, simple breathing exercises, meditation techniques, as well as the ways to practice yoga off the mat.


This class takes a gentle approach to the practice of yoga focusing on slower movements, breath work, stretching, and relaxation. This class is suitable for those looking for a less weight-baring experience or those with limitations in mobility or recovering from injuries.


This class is focused on the fundamentals of the practice; creating a strong foundation for the practice of yoga.

Slow Flow/Flow/Power Flow

Flow yoga links poses together, breath to movement, and uses a vinayasa (plank to chaturanga to cobra/upward facing dog to downward facing dog) in between sequences. At Honor Yoga, we offer three levels of Flow for you to deepen your yoga practice; Slow Flow, Flow, and Power Flow.

Strong & Calm

Strong & Calm is a yoga class that builds strength, stamina, and joint stability by holding active standing and seated poses for longer periods of time. You will find meditative movements paired with attention to breath.


Restorative yoga calms the nervous system and allows for deep tissue healing. Props are used to support the body fully for ease, no strain or tension during the long period in which poses are held.


The yin practice encourages the release of contraction held in the connective tissues of the body, including ligaments and bones. Passive postures are held typically for three to five minutes to allow for deep release.

Aerial Roots

Aerial Roots is a foundational practice, perfect for those new to aerial. Using an aerial silk allows the body to work gravity, create space in the joints, and lengthen the muscles.


YogaBarre is a fusion of yoga, barre, and pilates. A beginner friendly, challenging and unique workout designed to sculpt and strengthen your entire body and increase flexibility while connecting with the breath, mind, body and spirit philosophies of yoga.


At Honor Yoga, we offer live led classes, as well as meditation classes on-demand for a deeply personal class experience. Through a specific meditative focus, such as Mindfulness, Mantra, Balance, Heart, Imagery, or Sound, our meditations are all taught with the intention of uncovering your natural state of peace and harmony.