From Chief Yogini, Maria Turco: Letting Go In Order to Grow (in business and in yoga)

People come to me and ask me “Maria, how I can be more successful in business and build an amazing team similar to Honor Yoga? What is your secret?”

I love talking about this and eager to share. I want others to find success, but I want them to know that it doesn’t mean that they try and control everything. 

Here’s my biggest tip. I relate my business practices to the physical practice of yoga where you can find restriction or you can find expansion. Of course we’re looking for expansion, but it requires that we let go of our tight hold, our constricting thoughts. The actually limit us.

For example, when you are in asana practice and you constrict or hold because you are trying soooo hard, you’ll notice very quickly you can’t go further in a posture despite all that effort. Take for example, you are in a forward fold, exerting to reach your toes but in the process you have tightened up the hamstrings and quads. You are actually preventing yourself from going further. You are stuck. Reconnect with the breath again, let go of the grip, engage different muscles and voila! — You begin to ease further into the posture — by having let go!

It is similar in business. You are trying to control things in order to succeed and you end up constricting the “flow” of your team. It’s natural to feel that are responsible for your business success but it can lead to operating from a place of fear. By letting go of the control, you give your team the opportunity to explore, to create, to go further, and to even fail. This is expansion, it allows for growth.

When you learn to let go, to give people the freedom to grow, then you, them, and your organization can go much further. Now go out and breath expansion and growth into your day!  Interested in growing with us? Visit https://www.honoryoga.com/open-an-honor-studio/ and complete the inquiry form and someone from our team will be in touch to answer your questions and get you started!



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