Honor Yoga Now: Try. Practice. Keep Trying.

We each have our own particular reason for beginning a yoga practice and many of us will always want our postures to be nurturing and gentle. However, some of us love a challenge and have a curiosity about the asanas that seem, let’s face it, a little crazy shaped. What does it take to master postures such as One Legged Crow and Grasshopper?

As you probably instinctively understand, someone who can bench press hundreds of pounds or who can do a split cannot necessarily hold Eka Pada Koundinyasana II, or The Flying Splits. In fact, forget about holding the pose. They may not even be actually able to get into the pose in the first place.

“Even if you are both naturally strong and naturally flexible, yoga requires other skills, such as balance, calm, and focus,” says Cathy Madeo, co-owner of Princeton Yoga and creator of Honor Yoga Now. Because of how much practice these complicated postures require, Cathy has created videos on Honor Yoga Now to break down some of her favorite moves.’

There are two things that really work for me with this video. Cathy can do this pose, but she’s not here to show off her ability. Instead, she explains very step of how she accesses the pose and where she sees students struggle. Second, she clearly gets that each of us is going to have to figure out our own possibly awkward path into this challenge pose.

I am relatively strong and flexible, so I decided to use Cathy’s video every day after my regular home practice to see how I would do, and, guess what? I improved and I’m feeling confident that I will eventually master this posture (I’ll keep you updated!). The video is only ten minutes and the preparatory poses are a great workout even if I’m not yet ready to fly into my split.

Give your practice this gift and this support and you too will find yourself flying!  Sign up a FREE two week subscription to Honor Yoga Now!

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