What Makes a Successful Studio Owner: Kokoro

Hi Everyone! With today’s blog post I’m hoping to enlighten you with my perspective on what makes a successful Honor Yoga studio owner.  I’ve come across a word that I think expresses the quality needed to succeed. It is someone that has kokoro.

What is kokoro? Kokoro is a Japanese word whose meaning  has no direct translation into English, but rather it unites the notions of heart, mind, and spirit as being indivisible from one other. It results from the using the heart in such a way that it balances the heart, the spirit, and the mind.

I’ve had the opportunity over the course of my career as a turn-around specialist and consultant to work with some amazing individuals and to see them in action within the yoga and fitness communities. What I think sets them apart is found in this concept of Kokoro, someone that has business acumen but can also make decisions from their heart.

It’s like this, too much on the heart you miss out on important metrics and performance indicators. Too much on the intellectual side and you really aren’t connecting with your community. You lack the fluidity to really listen and respond.

What is really fascinating about this concept is that it also links our physical well-being to our success. In this concept of the kokoro are really three words in Japanese. They are the three words for heart: shinzou, which refers to the physical heart organ, ha-to, which is the angelic or love heart, and kokoro, or the unified heart or the balance of working mindfully heart mind and spirit.

Yogis understand from their physical practice that the key to balanced health lies in the heart chakra, or the heart center of the body. At Honor we support our owners to make their own heart health extend to their business approach as well. As a business family we support each other in maintaining that balance. An owner that brings forward kokora will find balance and success.  ~Namaste, Maria Turco

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Lori Ball
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