Teacher Training Day Two – Beginner Again

Teacher Training Day Two – 200 Hours Begins

In sharing my teacher training journey here, I hope to address questions that come up for those of you out there considering teacher training for yourself. I’ll also share questions that arise during the training itself so you might have a better idea what to expect and why not to hold back from this beautiful step in your yoga practice. What’s on your list of questions and concerns?? Besides the money, another issue for many of us I am sure, is time.

Yoga Alliance, the certifying board for yogis around the world, has a number of certifications including 200 Hour, 300 Hour, Children’s Teacher and Prenatal Teacher among others. If you see a teacher’s name and, next to it: RYT 200, that means they are a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher with 200 Hours of training “Experience”. The “E” for “Experience” means they are able to train other teachers and offer continuing education credits.  

Although I’ve taught over 5,000 hours of yoga and practiced on my own about 20,000 hours, I am adopting “beginner mind” as I embark on teacher training. My yoga practice has brought me here to this brand-new experience and brand-new way of looking at my practice.  

During those 200 hours we will break down every yoga pose, delve into yoga philosophy (including chakras, Ayurveda, and Sanskrit), yoga history (including the biographies of master teachers, and a variety of information for populations such as children’s, prenatal, seniors, among others, and we will, of course, also learn the art (and craft and science) of teaching: anatomy, cuing, adjusting, and modifying for different types of classes, including aerial, flow, roots, and restorative.  

 There is alot to cover and that is why it takes time.   

 To my beginner mind, these 200 hours will bring me to another level in my relationship with yoga, because even though I have many hours behind me, I am starting new as a teacher training. Whether it’s a sport or an art, such as violin or ballet, the best of the best practice the most. I appreciate that my next seven months of practice is going to quantify this love affair that has, for many years been unquantifiable.  

I mentioned last week that I tell people that my longest relationship has been with yoga, and this 200-hour teacher training feels like I am (finally) marrying (one of) the love(s) of my life. Yoga and Donna: Engaged.  

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