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At Honor Yoga we refer to ourselves as “family.” Get to know any of our studio owners and you’ll quickly understand why. Each studio is a reflection of the individual owner and manager.

This week we’re shining the spotlight on Kathi Szabo, co-owner with her husband, Mark Szabo, of the Honor Yoga Hamilton. Kathi is shining light in so many ways. In her words, hear what she has to say about owning a studio, her own practice, and her passions!


On her background:

“I came to studio ownership from a corporate strategic, business background. This has allowed me to look at my business analytically. In a way it aligns well with our practice as yogis, giving me the ability to separate my personal emotions in order to understand where I am doing well and what needs to change. New to me, is being in the fitness and yoga business, but as my own personal practice grows and I become more immersed in the studio as my full time work, this part in me is also growing. I’m less unsure. I also have an incredible support network with my fellow studios as part of Honor.”


Her passions:

I love working in a profession that is about healing and bringing peace and calmness to others. I am also dedicated to providing our members with a place to practice as well as a place to grow as a community. We host community events, partner with other businesses, and take our practice out of the studio! (join us for a yoga hike this fall!) Now that the studio is my full time job, I am able to immerse myself in the community I am creating! And she’s very much one of the community, having just completed the 30 Day Back to the Mat Challenge!


The love and support goes beyond the studio as well. There is always someone to turn to for advice or support among owners. I have a mentor in Susan, owner at Honor East Brunswick. She has so much yoga knowledge, training, experience, and has been my guide in this respect. I have the business mind and am helping her delve into business metrics and strategic planning as she moves into a new studio space for her growing community!


Her practice:

The first 6-9 months of owning the studio I couldn’t practice much. I was either too busy or I couldn’t focus. My attention was on everything that could go wrong and my mind raced with worry. As I came back to my practice, I started to let go, and I am calmer at home and at studio. From my personal experience, I can honestly say this practice will support you in so many ways.


Humble Warrior:

Kathi is a humble warrior for certain. Kathi also the Board Chair of the Honor Yoga Foundation, and is tireless in her dedication to bringing yoga programs to communities in need. Some highlights include Project Teach in Trenton, the Maria Antonio House in New Brunswick, and Oaks Integrated Care Center in Mount Holly.


Check out Honor Yoga Hamilton!

Hamilton offers the full range of core classes offered at all studios and we’ve added mediation classes as part of our regular schedule too! Chair Yoga every Tuesday at 10am as well as Yoga in the Park at nearby Veteran’s Park every summer. Plenty of Restorative Workshops with Charu which include Reiki and singing bowls. Community Hikes every month Mark and Kathi

What makes Honor Yoga Hamilton a unique community?

That’s hard. I’m not sure. We offer a ton of Donation classes, one basically every day except Saturday. We offer yoga pretty much to everyone in every stage of their life with Prenatal on Sunday, Mommy and baby on Tuesday’s, Mommy and Toddler on Sunday’s as well as Kids Yoga every Friday with a donation class at the same time for Mom, Dad or caregiver to get their Yoga in!


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