Honor Yoga is first and foremost committed to your safety. See the steps we are taking HERE for our in-studio classes. We are now open!

Honor Yoga is first and foremost committed to your safety. See the steps we are taking HERE for our in-studio classes. We are now open!

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Practice with your favorite instructors in real-time from the comfort of your home! HY Now connects you with Honor Yoga studios from around the country to help you grow your practice when it is convenient for you. Join us live for up to 20 classes a day or catch up on your own time through our library of videos on demand.

Honor Yoga Now will be provided to all members and those on an Intro Offer Membership at no additional cost.

Join our studio on our Intro Offer and enjoy 30 days of unlimited in-studio classes, unlimited live streaming yoga classes and access to our library of over 240 professionally pre-recorded classes, instructionals, meditations and workshops for only $30. You will also have access to additional programming unique to our studio from teachers in our local community!

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Our classes are live streaming! Refer to Our Schedule to join a class.


Beginner Friendly

Inclusive and welcoming, Honor Yoga acknowledges that one of the greatest aspects about the practice of yoga is its adaptability to different populations with diverse physical abilities and needs. With this in mind, Honor Yoga strives to provide an easily accessible and beginner-friendly yoga studio community. With class offerings such as “Roots” and our “This is Yoga” series, Honor Yoga helps beginners break down yoga poses step-by-step, giving them the confidence and knowledge to advance their practice. Yoga truly is for “Every Body”.

Advance Your Practice

Advance Your Practice

Are you looking to advance your practice even further? Honor Yoga offers an array of classes, workshops, and series ranging from beginner, to intermediate, to advanced, and everything in between. Appealing to yogis of all levels, we hope to inspire you to go beyond your normal routine, try something new, and challenge your current capabilities with our passionate and experienced instructors.

YogaBarre – infuses ballet barre exercises, yoga, and pilates to help you decompress, strengthen, stretch and balance your entire body.
Yoga HIIT – incorporate High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio with your yoga practice in this fun class that is accessible for most.
Aerial Yoga – Postures are done in aerial silks; creating space, detoxification and balance.


Family Friendly

Yoga is for everyone of all shapes, sizes…and ages! From our smallest yogis to our tallest, Honor Yoga offers yoga classes for kids, teens and tweens to help lay the foundation of a lifelong practice that will continue to deepen. Yoga for children enhances flexibility, strength and coordination while encouraging self-esteem, positive mental health, and body awareness with non-competitive physical activity.

Honor Yoga also offers Family Yoga workshops to bring families of all ages together to connect in one shared experience. Family yoga provides a wonderful place to spend healthy and happy quality time together.

Connecting to our community through live stream is simple!

+ Become a member with our Intro Offer – 30 Days for $30!
+ Register for a class on Our Schedule or through the Mindbody or Honor Yoga apps.
+ Download Zoom for free!
+ Check your email 30 minutes before class for details on how to join the live stream.

We can’t wait to see you on the mat!

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Beginners Welcome!

At Honor Yoga, we do our best to get you off to the right start. Below is a quick guide to help you find your first class and we are always ready to help assess your needs to jump-start your practice!

What class should I take?
What do I bring to class?
Where do I put my mat?

Where do I Start?

Don’t worry! We are here to help. All first time visitors are given a tour of the studio. One of our helpful staff members will show you where guest mats are available, how to set up for class, and the features of our studio. Be sure to leave time for this before your first class.

You may bring your own mat if you have one and water as well. We have a filling station in the studio if you bring a refillable bottle, and storage for your personal belongings while you are in class. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. We are always excited to answer your questions so feel free to Contact Us Below!

NOTICE: Due to coronavirus, we will not be providing students with props or mats. Please bring your own to your in-studio classes.

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Classes, Workshops, and Series Schedule

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New Retreat to come soon!

Honor Yoga Roswell is excited to offer yoga retreats in the near future. Yoga retreats are a wonderful opportunity to expand your practice and deepen your bonds within our community. Take daily yoga classes from your favorite instructors, indulge in artisanally prepared food, and relax with new and old friends – all in a stimulating and fresh environment!


Greece Retreat: June 20 – June 27

Retreat to Greece for a blissful rejuvenating yoga vacation. We’ll be staying at the five star Aeaglis Hotel & Spa Resort, on the magical and remote island of Amorgos Greece. Amorgos is a breathtakingly beautiful island untouched by mass tourism. Enjoy daily yoga classes, as well as delicious food, cooking class, wine tasting, and local touring. Amorgos is known for its secret beaches, drowsy villages, and timeless monuments. You’ll have plenty of time to relax, or to explore this beautiful island while immersing yourself in Greek culture.

Orenda Fall Foliage 600x600

Spring Renewal Mountain Retreat: May 14 – May 17 at Orenda

The Catskill mountains come alive in Spring as the warm sunshine coaxes the wild flowers to bloom. Come along and join Mare, Amy and Stephanie for some fun and a hike in Woodstock along with lots of yummy yoga classes and a special workshop with the amazing Stephanie Moore! Don’t wait, reserve your favorite room today or gift one to a friend or family member for the Holidays.

Private Sessions

Book a private session with one of our instructors!

Online Booking Coming Soon!

Private Yoga Sessions

There are as many reasons for a private session as there are yogis.

You may be just getting started and want to gain confidence for group classes or you may have an established practice and want to refine it in some way to meet your needs. A private session is a great opportunity to work on alignment, receive hands on adjustments

Book a Private Yoga Session

Phone: 404.692.1092
Email: info@hyroswell.com

Bodywork & Massage Sessions

Inquire with our studio for our current availability and offerings.

Enjoy a luxuriously relaxing massage, relieve your stress and tension with reiki, or reconnect with yourself in a personal guided meditation.

Book Your Session

Phone: 404.692.1092
Email: info@hyroswell.com

Party With Us!

Book a party for any age at our Honor Yoga Location!

Kids Parties

+ Wide variety of themes to choose from
+ Yoga class, games and activities
+ Time for food, cake and painting circle of love rocks
+ Our fun and unique Circle of Love conclusion

Book Your Party

Phone: 404.692.1092
Email: info@hyroswell.com

Any Age

+ Birthdays, Bridal showers, Retirement celebration, Girls Night Out, Aerial yoga parties, Restorative Bliss
+ We celebrate any event with the yoga tailored to your request
+ Book a private event with your favorite teacher
+ No yoga experience necessary

Book Your Party

Phone: 404.692.1092
Email: info@hyroswell.com

Questions or Comments? We are Happy to Help!

Get in Touch With Us to Learn More

Join the Roswell Community with Yoga & Meditation for All

At Honor Yoga Roswell, you will honor your mind, body, and self through the practice of yoga. We serve our entire community by offering classes at all levels. Our 30-Day Trial and Charter Membership allows you to take an unlimited number of Yoga, Meditation, and Aerial classes at Honor Yoga Roswell, and is truly the most cost effective way to begin, or to continue your Yoga journey. All Pre-Sale Memberships will also include our Intro to Roots Series – a four week introduction to yoga, philosophy, and meditation. 

Member Benefits Include: Unlimited Classes, Discounts on Retail, Workshops, and Select Services, Discounted Family Add-on Rate, and Select Workshops, including This is Yoga.

Roswell Yoga Classes

where your first class is always free.

Whether you are a budding beginner, or a seasoned yogi, we have a class that is right for you!

Claim your free class below and take the next step of your journey with us!

Introducing Virtual Honor Yoga Dharma Talks:

Join Honor Yoga instructors from all over the country for a weekly discussion, bringing together our community to cover yoga philosophy and life.

Every talk will begin with insight from rotating hosts within the Honor Yoga community and then a guided discussion will open to all participants.

We invite you to join us this Monday to contribute and hope you will encourage fellow yogis and loved ones to attend. A genuine and understandable need at this time is to be heard, and with creative philosophical guidance, we will be holding space to do that.

We are delighted to share this interactive, collaborative, and inclusive space with our yoga community. We look forward to beginning this new journey with you!

Our next Dharma Talk is TBD.
Check back soon!

Monday July 27th
7:30pm EST

The Dharma of Antiracism:

Getting Honest About Racism + Yoga

Since witnessing the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police, a renewed and powerful awakening has emerged to the systemic, ancestral, and generational racism that pervades our shared life together in the United States. This awakening is propelling the largest civil rights and racial justice movement in our country since the 1960’s.

We are at a critical moment in our nation’s history and as yoga practitioners, we have a moral and societal duty (known as dharma) to embody the values and ethical principles of our practice in real time and in real life. It is not enough to espouse these ethics as nice thoughts in the yoga classroom. What is required now is both a deep listening and a rigorously truthful self-inquiry about our own participation as individuals and as a yoga community in the systematic oppression of black, indigenous and people color (BIPOC).

This conversation will be a real and honest dialogue about our responsibility as yoga practitioners to acknowledge our participation in the inequality we see reflected around us and how to begin the inner work of becoming antiractist so that our yogic values are not mere sentiments but a way of living that activates change and embodies justice.

Hosted by Evan Madeo and Julie Mellk
Investment: FREE

Monday June 22
7:30pm EST

Meditations on Race:

Journey of Becoming an Anti-Racist

Dr. Edmond is Founder and Director of Mindful and Multicultural Counseling in Ewing NJ. A licensed clinical psychologist and an experienced yoga/meditation teacher Dr. Edmond facilitates Honor Yoga’s Trauma Sensitive Training. She is passionate about infusing mind body spirit approaches into her clinical work as well as a social justice lens that identifies the importance of race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, age, gender, and abilities in our lives. Currently Dr. Edmond is offering a webinar series “Mindful of Race: becoming an anti-racist. For this and more resources visit www.mmcounselingcenter.com

Hosted by Evan Madeo and Julie Mellk
with guest Dr. Nathalie Edmond

Investment: FREE

Sunday MAY 17
7:30 pm EST

A Discussion on:

Tapas and Aparigraha

Sarah Nickelson will look at the relationship between the yogic concepts of Tapas (discipline) and Aparigraha (non-attachment). She will explain how she has used both as tools to navigate her life off of the mat through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hosted by Evan Madeo and Julie Mellk
with guest Sarah Nickelson

Investment: FREE

Sunday MAY 10
7:30 pm EST

A Discussion on:


Katie will discuss the yogic principle of self study, svadhyaya, and how she is applying it during this pivotal time. Through self study, we build awareness of what thoughts and belief systems harm us and serve us to bring us closer to our higher self.

Hosted by Evan Madeo and Julie Mellk
with guest Katie Fanning

Investment: FREE

7:30 pm EST

A Discussion on:

Pratipaksha Bhavanum

A yogic technique for reframing thoughts.

Hosted by Evan Madeo and Julie Mellk
Investment: FREE