Restorative Yoga is for Everyone: Ten Reasons To Give it a Try!

When we restore something, we make it like new again.
May it breathe with new life.


“After my first Restorative class, I was so, well, soothed. Like some kind of balm had been placed over me, inside and out. I slept the deepest sleep I had in years and woke up invigorated, as if I were relieved of something that was no longer serving me. I now return to restorative yoga again and again for that inner healing. It resets me.”




Honor’s Restorative Instructors offer their personal experience with the practice:


Carolyn, who teaches Restorative at Honor Yoga Pennington and Honor Yoga Princeton studios, credits the practice with (literally) saving her sanity while her husband, a military helicopter pilot, was deployed in combat. She was home with young children and suffering from extreme stress levels. A friend invited her to try yoga. It happened to be a Restorative class. During that first class Carolyn experienced such a deep sense of peacefulness and calm that she was forever hooked. It “changed my life, not just once, but continually, with every class. I’ve been a devoted practitioner for over five years.” Initially for her own self-healing, it quickly blossomed into a practice that she shared with her husband who returned home a wounded warrior in chronic pain, her brother during life-threatening illness, her aging father and her two teenage children.

And there’s Shannon, who leads Honor Yoga’s Restorative Teacher Training certification. It’s her mission to see Restorative yoga offered in every studio every day. Why? Shannon had always been a healing person, a Massage Therapist and Reiki practitioner, when serious tragedy struck her family. A fire destroyed her home, her marriage ended, and she found herself displaced and jobless with three young children. She became very sick. “I knew the body was capable of healing itself. It was at this point I decided to try Restorative yoga. I started practicing four times a week. It took me a year, but I was well again, no more infections, pain, need for medications. Now it’s my life’s work, teaching other teachers and other yogis this practice and helping them to learn the tools for self-healing.”

So why should YOU do Restorative Yoga? Here are reasons from Shannon and Carolyn:
  1. Everyone’s favorite: Restorative yoga offers the equivalent of three hours sleep.
  2. Restorative yoga supports the body so that production of cortisol is turned off and the bodies natural healing process can take over.
  3. Restorative yoga offers an incredibly safe space, a place as Carolyn says “it’s okay to do less, not more.”
  4. Restorative yoga is where, in Shannon’s words “the power of intention and thought are given the highest priority.”
  5. Restorative yoga improves flexibility and muscle recovery, wonderful for athletes and those working to build strength.
  6. Practiced regularly, restorative yoga offers tools that enable you to mediate the impact of stressful situations on your body and relieves anxiety.
  7. Restorative yoga offers entry into the practice for those suffering from illness, chronic pain, and those undergoing medical treatment.
  8. Restorative is welcoming to all, especially to those who may not otherwise practice yoga.
  9. Restorative yoga offers all of the benefits of any yoga practice: spiritual, emotional, and physical growth and well-being.
  10. Restorative yoga is more than rest, it is a wonderful way to relieve the over-busy mind, giving way to meditative practice.
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