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What is Aerial Yoga?

Practitioners learn how to blend traditional yoga asana with acrobatic elements while focused on alignment and guided by breath.

Working with gravity allows for space to be created in the joints, and for lengthening in the muscles and ligaments. The aerial yoga wraps rest on pressure points bringing energetic balance to the meridians in the body. Compression free inversions boost the lymphatic system and detoxify the body while giving traction to the spine and hydrating the vertebral disks. An overall increase in flexibility, increase in the circulatory system, and mood boost are among some of the additional benefits to a regular practice.

Aerial Roots

Aerial Roots is a grounded level one practice with emphasis on transitioning your floor practice into an aerial practice.  This class provides a gentle introduction to standing and seated aerial asanas, with no inversions (with the exception of downward dog), no backbends, and no swinging.

No experience required.

Aerial Mixed Level

Aerial Mixed Level links breath and movement to create a connection between mind, body and self. This class has a focus on strength, flexibility, balance and energy. Each instructor brings his/her personality to make each class unique.  Aerial Mixed Level incorporates inversions, backbends, and swinging into the practice.

Aerial Mixed Level incorporates inversions, backbends, and swinging into the practice.

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