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Mind and Energy

Our Mission:  To enhance the mind-body connection to support the well-being of all individuals using the various aspects of yoga, mindfulness, and psychology.

3 areas of focus:

Well-being: Enhancing well-being by promoting mindful living, cultivating compassion and gratitude, balancing being mode with doing mode, learning to live more in the moment, embracing a wider range of emotions and experiences, learning radical acceptance, improving confidence, and enhancing relationships.

Recovery: Learning mind-body techniques to support recovery from a wide variety of concerns such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, addiction and eating disorders.

Trauma: Provide support to individuals who have experienced various types of trauma to support their healing process. Research is showing that the imprint of trauma is held in the body and in our ways of relating/coping with the world. Yoga can help one become more positively connected to one’s body in a safe way as well as develop mastery. Specific skills can be taught to help people deal with their emotions, whether it is feeling too much or too little.

Honor Yoga Wellness and Recovery will offer specialized workshops, individual consultations, and small group classes to help individuals build skills and enhance well-being.