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Manalapan 200-Hour Teacher Training

February 2020 – July 2020
Saturday & Sunday 12 – 7
Two weekends per month


Tuition: $3,300
Nonrefundable Deposit for Guaranteed Space: $575

Installment Plan: 6-month payment plan available

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In this informational session, you will be provided with a thorough look into the 200-hour teacher training program. Most frequently asked questions and what to expect will be covered. This session is free and there is no cost or obligation to join. Pre-registration is highly encouraged.

January 12, 2020; 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm | Honor Yoga Manalapan
January 25, 2020; 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm | Honor Yoga Manalapan
February 2, 2020; 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm | Honor Yoga Manalapan

Putting the Right Foot Forward

Our Program Is Open to All. Whether You Are Looking to Deepen Your Personal Practice, Journey into Teaching, or Even Open a Studio.

Students come to Honor Yoga’s Teacher Training for different reasons, but they all leave with a deeper understanding of yoga and a discovery of their own inner teacher. It is a life enhancing and transformational experience.

Honor Yoga brings together a diverse group of teachers, each with a distinct yoga style and specialty. We divided the curriculum into a series of modules, which allows for focused hours spent on each topic and offers the trainee a flexible program. The teacher training environment is welcoming to all who want to explore their yoga practice more deeply, as well as those who are already on the path to becoming a yoga teacher. You will leave this foundational training transformed!

Diverse Teachers

Our Teachers are Professional, Knowledgeable, and Ready to Guide You on Your Path

Your yoga practice is a unique combination of who you are and the instructors you admire. Because each HY teacher brings years of expertise in a distinct yoga specialty, you’ll grow a well-rounded practice and find which styles suit your spirit.

Asana Lead: Megan Bailey

Revered by her students as an old soul, Megan’s style of yoga comes from a space of curious wisdom, gracious openness, and unconditional love. Her teachings will forever be inspired by her inquisitive mind and a desire for a deep understanding of the self. Megan believes that yoga is not practiced to remove ourselves from our thoughts and emotions, but to observe and change the way that we relate to them. Her knack for weaving traditional yoga philosophy with a modern twist into her classes will leave any seeker coming back for more.
Megan completed her teacher training with Honor Yoga in which she gained a deep understanding of alignment and anatomy that is displayed in all of her classes. She continues to develop her knowledge and jumps at any opportunity to learn more so she can bring fresh ideas and content to her students. Megan teaches everything from vinyasa to beginners and gentle and hosts specialty workshops all while creating a safe space for different bodies, ages, races, and gender identities to explore yoga and all that it encompasses.

Megan is also well-versed in the business of yoga and currently leads a team of instructors and employees at Honor Yoga Jackson. She hopes to bring the management, marketing, and leadership skills she has acquired into a studio of her own one day.

Asana Lead: Nikki Schillaci

Nikki has been practicing yoga since 2003 Initially, she was drawn to the physical aspect of it to increase her strength and flexibility, but she soon discovered that yoga is more focused on calming the mind, breath awareness, and connecting on a deeper level with yourself and others. Nikki’s life has been transformed in many ways throughout her yoga journey, and she believes it can be a powerful tool to dig deep within ourselves and uncover our true nature while choosing freedom and happiness. Her dedication to her practice led her to complete her 200-hour @ Inlet Yoga in at 2012. Nikki strives to be an energetic and passionate teacher so she can creatively teach others how to physically and mentally become stronger to heal through asana and
breathe work.
Outside of teaching yoga Nikki also has a 5 year old daughter and 3 dogs that love long walks . Nutrition , essential oils and practice are pillars in maintaining healthy lifestyle for Nikki and her family.

Comprehensive Curriculum

We offer a comprehensive training in Honor Yoga’s Five Pillars of a Complete Practice: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Social.


  • Asana Labs: Alignment and Modifications of yoga postures
  • Anatomy: Foundations and Principles
  • Energetic Anatomy: Chakras & Nadis
  • Yoga Philosophy and History
  • Sanskrit
  • Pranayama and Meditation
  • Cultivating Your Authentic Voice
  • Intelligent Sequencing
  • The Art of Adjusting

Flexible Format

Our Coursework is Designed to Fit into Your Busy Schedule

Built For You!

Training is modularized and trainees can take up to 2 years to complete it.
Missed modules can be made up at other locations.
14 flex hours are built into the schedule to be missed if necessary upon approval.


  • complete 200 hours
  • attend minimum of 20 classes at Honor Yoga
  • one week home practice (sadhana)
  • lead 2 private lessons or community classes
  • assist one class (per approval of asana lead)
  • project: 30 minutes, anything related to yoga
  • written take home exam
  • teaching practicum
  • complete three required readings

Student Benefits

We Give You the Tools You Need to Succeed, and More…

Teacher Training Manual

Honor Yoga Tote Bag

6 Months of Unlimited Yoga Classes

Don’t Just Take It From Us!

Read What Our Alumni Have to Say About Our Program!

Comprehensive, insightful, and life-changing, the Honor Yoga 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training program was a phenomenal education. It was easy to trust our lead asana instructor. Even when reviewing familiar poses, I found myself constantly surprised by revelations about my own body and I deepened my practice. I feel fully prepared to instruct others with safe transitions, intelligent sequencing, and clear cueing. I deeply appreciate that the curriculum went beyond just asana, into other topics like philosophy, meditation, pranayama, ayurveda, mantras, mudras, and Sanskrit. Shout out to the hilarious and infectious! We built lasting connections, both to the Honor Yoga studio network for future teaching opportunities, and also deep personal friendships within our student community. All in all, this was an inspiring and transformative experience, and earns my highest recommendation!
- Mark Macapagal
It was a truly life changing experience training with Honor Yoga. I'm thrilled and excited for the knowledge I gained over this training. I loved each and every single module taught; especially the anatomy and the trauma sensitive modules. We are trained and equipped with tools that help us understand and be compassionate with a student's body and mind. I highly recommend Honor Yoga training program for anyone aspiring to be a yoga teacher. Namaste!
- Shravani Gopu, ★★★★★ on Yoga Alliance
Words won't be enough to express the gratitude for this teacher training and everything its brought to my life. Other than wanting to become a yoga teacher and strengthen my physical practice, I have largely expanded my knowledge of yoga philosophy, anatomy, history of yoga pranayama and meditation. I am so thankful for all of the teachers at this studio who inspire me every single day through their teachings and especially the teacher trainees who entered this wonderful yoga journey with me. Because of this training, I feel more content and happy with myself, my past and am excited for what is to come in my future. Honor Yoga North Brunswick will forever hold a special place in my fourth chakra.
- Emily Amador
Honor Yoga is a great place to practice, and the teacher training was more than I expected. I signed up with the intentions of deepening my practice and expanding my knowledge of yoga beyond asanas. About halfway through I realized that I wanted to share all this new information with any and everybody I encountered. I caught the teaching bug and have not looked back.
- Atiyah Carter-Robinson, ★★★★★ on Yoga Alliance
This school has given me all the tools to prepare me and succeed as a yoga teacher with my share of hard work and dedication. The teachers are very knowledgable and approachable. They guide you in a very constructive way. I am extremely fortunate to have done my teacher training here.
- Deepti Kamboj, ★★★★★ on Yoga Alliance


Manalapan 200-Hour Teacher Training

February 2020 – July 2020
Saturday & Sunday 12 – 7
Two weekends per month


Tuition: $3,300
Nonrefundable Deposit for Guaranteed Space: $575

Installment Plan: 6-month payment plan available

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