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Honor Yoga is all about community. At its heart is the community that develops in each studio and even in each class. You feel it the minute you enter into the room and roll out your mat. This strong vibration comes in knowing you are held and supported through your practice but it goes beyond. It is the buzz that makes Honor the places that it is, one in which community starts small and just keeps growing outward.


Take for example, the latest Living Is Giving initiative at all Honor studios, a partnership with Soles4Souls. With Soles4Souls, Honor is collecting your gently worn, no longer needed shoes. Soles4Souls helps to create opportunities for those living in poverty through micro-enterprise programs selling new and gently used shoes in generating a sustainable income.

Meet Lizzy Swiderski

Taking a close-up of one beautiful soul at Honor, meet Lizzy Swiderski. Lizzy began as a student and member at Honor Yoga Hamilton then like many, she felt such a deep connection she went on to teacher training and has been teaching now for two years. Her specialty at the moment, heated power!


And a power she is, Lizzy has been on the board of the Honor Yoga Foundation for the past year. She started as a volunteer after seeing an email about the newly forming Foundation. “Oh my I would love to do that!” was her reaction. After volunteering to help with their first fundraiser, she just naturally fell into a larger role, and was ultimately was offered the position, V.P. of fundraising.


It is this natural affinity for both the practice and the people that led Lizzy to her current position, Regional Donations Center Manager, with Soles4Souls. As she explain it “for me personally I always knew that I wanted to do something more, give back, get out in community, not from a desk but in contact with people who want help others.


How does this circle back to Honor and to yoga? “I see something similar happening in yoga classes that I do in the non-profit work I do, essentially about getting a community together, forming bonds with people you wouldn’t have necessarily had the chance to meet.” When Lizzy reached out to Maria, Honor’s Chief Yogini, about doing the shoe collection, she immediately jumped on board.


With it’s launch on October 23rd, the Soles4Souls program kicks off a season of community-minded programs, the next will be the annual Yamas campaign. We’ll talk more about that next week’s update on Living is Giving.

Dana Toff
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