Living Is Giving: Love Your Brain at Honor Yoga

As yogis know, intention is a powerful tool toward realization and action. It lays the energetic groundwork for things to happen. With an intention of making yoga available and accessible to a wide range of participants,  The Love Your Brain series at Honor Yoga is one of many ways in which this powerful intention is made manifest. 


Love Your Brain!

Love Your Brain is an organization that works to improve the quality of life of people affected by traumatic brain injury, from concussion to severe injury, through yoga and meditation classes tailored to their needs. Love Your Brain believes in the role that these practices have in improving and restoring both physical and emotional well being.

With their positive approach to brain injury and recovery, Love your Brain shares with Honor the belief in the practice to heal as well as the role that community plays in that process. The intersection of these values is where connection, education, and empowerment happen in practicing together. This is the culture that Honor strives to create for all yogis and the environment LYB is seeking.

Perfect Partnership.

If Love your Brain is the perfect partnership to create healing through yoga, then Liz Alvarez is the ideal leader to make it happen at Honor. Both director of education and the driving force behind Honor’s Therapeutics program, Liz is a physical therapist of more than 20 years. Many of her students have transformed their lives under her instruction and her deep commitment to make yoga possible for anyone. “It is a matter of understanding how to practice in a way that meet your needs and having an instructor who can help you figure this out!”- Liz

Community Effort and Training.

Training and planning to bring this amazing program to Honor has been in the works. “We had an amazing opportunity to learn from the team at Love Your Brain how to bring the series to life at Honor Yoga, as well as getting to meet a beautiful community of other yoga teachers, many of whom are living with traumatic brain injuries themselves. Hearing their stories and how yoga has helped them was intensely transformative for me as a teacher. We can not wait to bring the series to our community!” explains Liz.

“Through this initial series, we hope to reach into new communities, to show our commitment and willingness to bring yoga into the forefront of healing and wellness for ALL. This is a first step in what we hope will be ongoing partnership with Love Your Brain.” Maria Turco, Chief Yogini, Honor Yoga

Series Starts November 9!

The first 6 week FUNdamental series will take place Thursdays from 12-1:30pm, November (Thanksgiving day off) at Honor Yoga Pennington. This program is FREE to both those who have suffered TBI as well as their care-givers. Registration in advance is required by both on the Love Your Brain website.

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