Yoga for those who have served

Honoring Our Heroes

Honor Yoga is now offering Connected Warriors™ classes.
Helping the world feel better – One breath at a time.

Connected Warriors™

A free trauma-conscious yoga class for Servicemembers, Veterans, and military families. By participating in these yoga classes, offered by Honor Yoga and taught by Connected Warriors trained instructors, veterans are better able to reintegrate into their home communities, strengthen family and community relationships, and build bonds among others who are searching for a safe harbor and sense of belonging that they cannot otherwise find outside of the military life—creating their new normal.

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Yoga for Depression and Anxiety

Stress, anxiety, trauma, depression…yoga can help. Yoga helps the body slow down and bring awareness to habitual patterns of responding and relating to ourselves and the world. By focusing on the breath, the body and the present moment we can help reduce anxious and depressive thoughts as well as move energy around.
This workshop is beneficial to anyone who wishes to find greater mindfulness and compassion in their lives. Practice will include slow flow yoga, yin and restorative poses, chanting, and meditation.

No yoga experience necessary.

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Honoring our Heroes

On Veteran's Day November 11th
for both active service members and veterans.


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