Steps We are Taking at Honor Yoga to Make a Clean and Safe Studio Space. Honor Yoga Flemington is now open!

Steps We are Taking at Honor Yoga to make a clean and safe studio space. Honor Yoga Flemington is now open!

In addition to the Honor Shield program, Honor Yoga Flemington is taking the following precautions:

+ Small Classes with safe distancing in large rooms
+ Masks except when on mat
+ Continuous Air Flow & Extra High Ceilings
+ Continuous antiseptic cleaning

At the heart of the Honor Yoga mission is the peace of mind, safety, and health of everyone who enters our spaces. Remaining sensitive to the delicate nature of creating both a physically and mentally safe studio space to practice in, we will continue to comply with federal and state regulations as our studios re-open. Listed below are specific measures we are taking and/or asking our community to practice. We are proud to name this initiative the HONOR SHIELD PROGRAM which consists of 6 pillars of safety and prevention.

We thank you for your enthusiasm and community support!

+ Studio Cleanliness

Our highest priority is to maintain a clean environment using a variety of proven disinfecting procedures and products. All Honor Yoga mats and props will be cleaned thoroughly before and after class. There will be consistent and thorough general cleaning throughout every day. More specifically, all mats and props will be cleaned before and after every class.

Everyone will have access to cleaning products at their fingertips as needed. Each student will be given a small, personal spray bottle and small individual towel for personal use. There will be no shared eco towels in the studio space or bathrooms. Individual towels should be used per person and disposed in receptacles.

+ Equipment

Students are encouraged to bring their own mats, water, and props to class if they have them. Students are asked to clean props before and after class. Studios may be limiting the number of props and location offered for the benefit and safety of all members and staff.

+ Personal Space

All of our class sizes will be limited in students to allow social distance. Spacing will be marked to allow for social distancing surrounding each student. Additionally, teachers will not be providing hands-on assists or adjustments at this time. There will be no physical contact between student and teacher.

+ Air Circulation

We will be implementing best practices as advised for our particular studio to ensure air is re-circulated and cleaned. We will also open our doors (weather permitting) to allow fresh air to circulate through the studio.

+ Mask Options

Students and Staff are encouraged to wear a mask while in the building, in accordance to state guidelines.

+ Hygiene & Health

Symptoms We ask that anyone who is showing flu-like symptoms (including coughing) does not come to the studio to practice. If anyone is coughing or showing these symptoms in-studio, we will kindly ask that they leave and we will put additional disinfecting measures into place for the areas that person was within the studio.

Temperature – We reserve the right to take temperature and any temperature at 100.4 or above will not be permitted into the studios space.

Hygiene – All staff and members are asked to diligently wash their hands for a minimum of twenty seconds after using the restroom and consistently throughout the day, and we invite our students to do the same.

Personal Cleanliness Efforts We ask all staff and members to wipe down anything they touch with sanitizer before and after use.

To help support your practice if getting into the studio is not possible, or if you would rather practice in the comfort of your home, we are happy to continue to offer exclusive on-demand and live-streaming classes online included in all memberships when we reopen. We honor and empower everyone the opportunity to participate in whatever space you feel most comfortable in.

For information about coronavirus, visit the CDC website: www.cdc.gov