Infused in all Honor Yoga classes you will find a dash of philosophy (dharma talk), focused breathing (pranayama) and elements of meditation with each class ending with final relaxation (savasana) and aromatherapy using Honors signature essential oils. Most classes are 60 minutes in length allowing you to meditate before or after class.



This class is focused on the fundamentals of the practice; creating a strong foundation for the practice of yoga. Postures are taught from the ground up with precise alignment cues and include the use of props to support the practice. Roots classes simplify the language and practice to empower students and help them become confident practitioners of any class.

Strong & Calm

Strong & Calm is a yoga class that builds strength, stamina, and joint stability by holding active standing and seated poses for longer periods of time. You will find meditative movements paired with attention to breath


Flow is an intermediate level class designed for students that have a solid foundation of the yoga practice and up. Students will be challenged with the use of vinyasas and intermediate level postures throughout the class, and will be introduced to some advanced level postures. Perfect for student with a foundation of the yoga practice and comfortable practicing intermediate level poses. Flow yoga is a style of yoga that links poses together, breath to movement, and uses a vinyasa- plank to chaturanga to cobra/upward facing dog to downward facing dog- in between sequences. At Honor Yoga, we offer three levels of Flow for you to deepen your yoga practice, slow flow, flow and power flow.


Take your mental and physical practice to the next level with our high intensity, low to medium impact, yoga workout. Set to inspiring and energizing music our Yoga HIIT class incorporates resistance bands and balls to increase muscular load, as well as swift transitions of yoga poses to raise your heart rate and offer an exhilarating experience. Improve cardiovascular fitness, build lean muscle, sustain caloric burn, and learn how to breathe mindfully through the challenge. Have fun while moving your body in new ways, and widen your perspective of your potential. Open to all levels.


Meditation cultivates a deep awareness of your body, your mind, and your deepest self. As you develop the practice of meditation, this connection and awareness will help you move through your life with presence and compassion. At Honor Yoga, we offer live led classes, as well as meditation classes on-demand for a deeply personal class experience. Through a specific meditative focus, such as Mindfulness, Mantra, Balance, Heart, Imagery, or Sound, our meditations are all taught with the intention of uncovering your natural state of peace and harmony.


Using an aerial silk allows the body to work gravity, create space in the joints, and lengthen the muscles. The aerial yoga wraps rest on pressure points bringing energetic balance to the meridians in the body. Compression free inversions boost the lymphatic system and detoxify the body while giving traction to the spine. An overall increase in flexibility, increase in the circulatory system, and mood boost are among some of the additional benefits to a regular practice.


This class takes a gentle approach to the practice of yoga focusing on slower movements, breath work, stretching, and relaxation. Perfect for anyone who wants a slower, more meditative or less heated type practice. Class is spent in a variety of positions, such as laying on the back or stomach, and seated postures, but students should be able to transition on/off the floor for gentle kneeling or standing poses. This class is suitable for those looking for a less weight-baring experience or those with limitations in mobility or recovering from injuries.


Relaxing and restful on the surface, restorative is a therapeutic practice that supports healing on the inside. Whether you take restorative yoga for therapeutic purposes or as a rejuvenating and relaxing compliment to your challenge classes, restorative yoga calms the nervous system and allows for deep tissue healing. Props are used to support the body fully for ease, no strain or tension during the long period in which poses are held.


YogaBarre is a fusion of yoga, barre and Pilates. A beginner friendly, challenging and unique workout designed to sculpt and strengthen your entire body and increase flexibility while connecting with the breath, mind, body, and spirit philosophies of yoga. During class you will experience a feeling of grounding and calming. You will learn work out while working inward. This results-producing class is designed by Honor Yoga’s exclusive YogaBarre educators.

& Series

This is Yoga

Honor Yoga’s This is Yoga 4-week series introduces traditional postures, simple breathing exercises, meditation techniques, as well as the tenets of how to practice yoga off the mat. Each class is 1-hour in duration and class size is limited allowing for individual attention and questions. This program teaches how to move safely in and out of poses as well as how to modify them for your body so that you can confidently attend mixed level classes while keeping yourself safe. Also, gain a basic understanding of the language and experience the many ways to practice yoga. Most importantly, learn to fine-tune your attention and actions to steady your body, your breath and your mind. Ideal for those entirely new to yoga and those beginners seeking to enrich what they have learned in class.

Rise and Vibe

Transform your vibe! What you do in the morning powerfully impacts the rest of your day. Our 4-week Rise & Vibe series is the support you’ve been looking for to take charge of your mental, physical and spiritual routine first thing in the morning.  This series harnesses the power of attending to yourself before the day unfolds and shows you how to align your internal world with what you want to create in the outer world. Our teachers are guaranteed to motivate you to vibe higher! 

Alignment Refinement

This 90-minute workshop allows students to work on a specific asana (pose) that they’d like to develop. Consider it a semi-private as it is limited to 10 students for lots of individual attention, adjustments, and room to try new things. Designed as a question & answer style format, this workshop allows the instructor to break down each pose stepbystep to make them accessible to all students in the room. Suitable for all levels. Students should come with one pose in mind that they’d like to explore.

The Art of Vinyasa

Vinyasa – in Sanskrit means directly to place in a special way or step by step. However, in many flow yoga classes the movements of chatarunga to up dog to down dog have become a hallmark termed ‘the vinyasa’. The repetitiveness of the vinyasa can lead to great strength and opening in the body, but if done in less than optimal alignment, it can also lead to repetitive stress injuries. This workshop will teach healthy alignment in each of the postures, other postures to vary the vinyasa, how to use props to support or deepen the postures, as well as strengthening and opening exercises to build healthy alignment. Also, learn how to link the poses together to flow in the sequence that best suits you. Enter your flow classes with greater understanding and confidence.

Family Yoga

Our family yoga workshop is where the entire family can practice yoga together in a fun and care-free environment. There will be music, games, meditation and breathing exercises, and of course a creative approach to all sorts of yoga poses. Family yoga allows for a light-hearted bonding experience and a healthy way to spend time together. Learn more about each other and meet other yoga families. No experience required and ALL AGES welcome! 

Family Aerial Yoga

Our family aerial yoga workshop is an amazing opportunity for parents to spend time with their children in a peaceful form of play. Rising above the ground to practice gives families a whole new perspective of themselves and one another, all while trying something exhilarating and novel. Before entering the silks, we’ll warm up the body with a light floor practice. Once in the silks, families learn how to find comfort using them first as a prop, then sitting and standing in them. Finally, build deeper trust with flying, going upside down and maybe even dropping back into the support! Families share silks to work together as well as enjoy in sharing the other’s experience.  No experience required!

Introduction to Meditation

Intro to Meditation is a signature workshop that is open to all levels of practice. The focus is to introduce the types of meditation that is practiced at Honor Yoga Studios, while also beginning the practitioner’s journey into a heightened awareness and focus of the mind. Students can expect to spend the majority of the time in a series of led meditation practices, as well as time for question & answer with the instructor. All Intro to Meditation Workshops incorporate mindfulness, visualization, and balancing meditations.

Honor 108: An Equinox Celebration Workshop

All of nature cycles through seasons of change and transformation, effortlessly and naturally. However, as much as change is part of life it often elicits feelings of fragmentation, disconnection and perhaps loss of control. To thrive harmoniously we must evolve alongside these cycles of life, or we risk undermining our levels of happiness and fulfillment.  

Honor Yoga’s108-Minute Practice is thoughtfully designed to support and elevate your evolving needs during the equinox’s hallmark of seasonal transition. The number 108 aligns with sacredness and wholeness. This workshop upholds both guiding students with sacred rituals such as slow-flow vinyasa, deep restoration, and intention setting, as well as the ancient arts of aromatherapy, meditation and reflection. Leave with greater vibrancy, feeling whole, and a collection of practices to help balance you during the new season.

Mother’s Day Workshop

With great reverence for the gifts our mothers give us, we have created a special workshop to reciprocate and honor mothers- all of those whom have taken on the role of parent, nurturer, and protector give so much of themselvesCome get pampered with restorative yoga, essential oils, guided meditation, as well as reiki and savasana enhancements. Filled with peace and nurturing energy this workshop is pure delight and will leave you feeling treasured and replenished.

Father’s Day Workshop

Honor Yoga celebrates fathers with a workshop curated just for the men who do so much for us! Designed with dads in mind, build strength and then discover how to use your strength to create more flexibility. Learn how to take this practice off of the mat and into other fitness routines. Finish class with a sweet recharge of guided meditation and deep restoration.

Valentine’s Day Partner Workshop

Everything and everyone is in relationship, to oneself, and each other. We can’t deny our human inheritance of non-separateness but in modern-day times the migration is further away from human-to-human connection, leaving us starved for meaningful, sincere relationship.

Our signature Partner Workshop restores quality connection with one another. Teachers create an environment for students that fosters play, vulnerability, acceptance, deep listening and recognizes the importance in truly seeing one another. Spend time refining techniques to strengthen communication via assisted movement and stretching, skillful touch, and partner meditation. All partnerships invited and encouraged- parent/child, friends, spouses, co-workers, extended family.


The yin practice encourages the release of contraction held in the connective tissues of the body, including ligaments and bones. Yin yoga complements dynamic yoga practices, which primarily focus on change at the muscular level (yang). Passive postures are held typically for three to five minutes to allow for deep release. Focus on the breath and awareness of sensations that arise during the asana promote a meditative state. Challenge your threshold for stillness as you move inward to find balance and connect with an increased fluidity and stability of the joints and of the mind.

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