When Fear Holds You Back – A Word from the Chief Yogini

Maria Turco Chief Yogini Crow Pose

Last Tuesday was National Face Your Fears Day. I was fortunate to hear Emmett Smith, the football player, speak about how one of the most significant points of his career was when he learned to overcome fear. I share with him the tremendous effect that over-coming fear can have on your life. I too went through a period in which fear was the rule, but I taught myself to tackle it 110% and here’s what got me to that point: Skydiving.

Yes, skydiving! I was petrified, absolutely frightened to death of skydiving, and, because of that fear, I learned how to jump out of plane. I forced myself to do what I feared the most because I knew that if I could do that, I could go on to do anything. I have since gone skydiving 16 times!

Being afraid is a big problem for people who want to start their own businesses, and they have what I like to call “cascading fears,” meaning that they have multiple fears that fall on top of one another: Do I have enough money? Will I be successful? Will I have to work all the time? What if I have to fire someone?

As the CEO of a franchise company, it’s my job to make sure everyone feels accomplished as a franchisee. To do that, we help interested Honor Yoga studio owners to break down the steps of opening a studio so they can build and create their business with less fear.

I like to compare the opening of a yoga studio to teaching someone to do Crow Pose. When you first try crow pose, you start with your feet on the blocks with a block in front of you to support your head. Eventually, as you become more comfortable and you understand what you need to succeed, you can take away the blocks.

Similarly if you want to open your own studio, you have to take it one step at a time. When someone calls me to open a franchise, we offer her steps to take to see if she is ready and if it’s the right choice. Sometimes a potential franchisee has enough money, but they don’t have much yoga experience while for others, they are passionate yogis, but they don’t have their finances in order. Just like when I teach someone to do Crow, I help a new franchisee figure out where they are and their needs.

Is it crow pose? Is it Teacher Training? Is it opening your own studio? Start tackling your fear now by taking the next step.

Maria Turco
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