Eight Limbs of Yoga: #Hy8foldpath Day 7 Dhyana


Guest Post by Charity Luyben, Owner, Honor Yoga Aerial and Acro

Day 7 of the #HY8FOLDPATH Yoga Challenge – DHYANA or MEDITATION

DHYANA or Meditation is our ability to concentrate fully on a single object (Dharana) develops with practice, our droplets of pure concentration gradually become a steady stream of cognition, known as Meditation. The difference between the novice and the “advanced” practitioner of meditation is not the presence of thoughts. Thoughts arise, but the more practiced meditator does not follow or engage them. The advanced practitioner acknowledges the thought without resistance or emotional reaction and redirects the awareness gently back to the mantra, breath or object of meditation. There are MANY meditation types and techniques, so explore what quiets YOUR mind most easily. As long as you practice, you can not fail! 💛

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