Honor Our Environment

Lots of Small Steps = Big Impact. We are committed to taking many steps as we can to reduce our environmental impact.

With an ecological approach to the studio environment, we strive to create a living and breathing space that honors your body and spirit in which you practice. Our eco-initiatives include….

A living, breathing vertical garden.

Selecting a bamboo floor, a wood substitute that matures in three years, regenerates without need for replanting, and requires minimal fertilization or pesticides.

Discouraging the use of bottled water by providing filtered water with which our students can fill their own bottles. When you sign up for monthly unlimited yoga, we provide an Honor Yoga biodegradable, BPA free reusable travel mug or glass bottle to enjoy our complimentary tea and water. We offer only biodegradable cups, and only upon request.

Reducing paper waste by using only cloth hand towels in the bathroom and for cleaning. Our paper products—including toilet tissue, facial tissues—are made from recycled paper.

Reusing rather than buying new whenever feasible.

Featuring many eco-friendly products in our shop, including cork yoga blocks, bamboo and organic clothing, eco-friendly yoga mats and organic lavender products from a local farm. Our shopping bags are reusable.

Cleaning with all-natural products.