06 Oct 21 Day Challenge Day Three: Low Lunge or Anjaneyasana

Welcome to Day Three of the Challenge.
Today’s pose is Low Lunge or in Sanskrit, Anjaneyasana.

Low Lunge or anjaneyasana is a great pose for all yogis – beginner and advanced alike as it offers many modifications, variations, and is a great pose for incorporating props! It’s a perfect pose for anyone that spends significant time sitting at a desk as it helps reverse the tightening and weakening around hips and lower spine.

Benefits of low lunge pose include release of tension in hips, deep stretch of hamstrings, quads and groin, and strengthening the knees. Low lunge is great for improving balance and building mental focus and concentration as well. The low lunge requires grounding through the lower body while simultaneously opening up through the chest. As a result, it improves balance and stability. It is an important preparation for other more challenging postures such as warrior, pigeon, and side angle.

Click here! for video instruction of today’s pose with Susan from Honor Yoga East Brunswick.


Lori Ball
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