Practice Tips to Reconnect Mindfully from Honor Yoga Retreats!

“A yoga retreat is a truly transformative experience. It offers the opportunity to disconnect from things that distract, interrupt, and disrupt. In their place, practice techniques to connect with your body, your source, food, environment, and each other. My hope is that everyone can take a retreat, whether it’s a one day yoga hike or a week long adventure for full immersion in these practices. In the mean time, here are tools that can help you disconnect in order to RECONNECT daily.”  — Katie Ribsam, leader Honor Yoga Retreats.





retreatpartnerConnect with Nature. Take a Meditation Walk. Find it difficult to sit in meditation? Take a daily walk in which you focus on the placement of your feet and the connection they make with the earth! As with your yoga practice, connect breath with movement, maintaining a steady inhale and exhale. Allow thoughts to pass freely without judgement or engagement. For the benefit of a ritual practice, take your meditation walk daily and follow the same path and distance. With a meditation walk you can reconnect with your body, nature, and authentic source.

“The meditation walks were one of my favorite parts of the retreat. Stepping in time with a mantra allowed me to synchronize breath and movement, just as we do in our yoga practice. After the retreat, it became a way to weave meditation into my passing moments,” Christina Kosyla, LBI weekend retreat.



retreatfoodConnect with your Body. Try Eating Mindfully. Does meal-time leave you unsatisfied even when you’ve had a plate full? See what happens if you eat with focus, breath, and awareness. Take 20 minutes to sit with your food away from all distractions. Create a place setting and before digging in, tune in to your breathe and feel yourself rooted in place. As you take small bites and chew each one fully, observe the colors, textures, and tastes. These simple practices can have amazing impacts on energy, digestion, and how you feel after eating.



retreatcampfireConnect with each other. Make eye contact, listen, be present.  To connect mindfully with family or friends, create a sacred space. Set aside 20 minutes to simply being open and relaxed with each other in a quiet comfortable space. Include a creative activity such as making your own mat spray or massage rub, or just do a little stretching and pranayama together. Whatever it is, be fully aware of each other, make eye contact,  and LISTEN.

“I made strong connections  when we shared activities that were creative and personal such as Mala making,” Laura, St. John Retreat.


beachretreatConnect to community. Reach beyond your Mat. To connect mindfully with others in your yoga community, allow the practice you share to invite deeper connection. Look beyond your regular class schedule and attend a seasonal potluck, donation class, day hike, or solstice celebration. Within the studio, make it a point to come to class once a week open to conversation, bringing awareness to those next to you.

“The Vermont Retreat instilled in me the importance of tuning out technology and the noise of outlets such as social media and the news. I joked that whether there was wifi there or not, I had a really strong connection!”


Honor Yoga Retreats has amazing opportunities coming up from local day hikes to Tulum, Mexico, St. John, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico! Check out their full schedule!
Lori Ball
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