Are you looking to sell your studio? Or perhaps you are looking for a strategic partner to take the reins of the sales, marketing and operations so you have more time to focus on what matters to you?

If you are interested in learning more about the potential options or just want some friendly advice on how to prepare your business for a sale or acquisition or just options to grow, please reach out to me directly by sending a message below. All inquiries are treated with strict confidence!

In Grit and Gratitude,

Maria Turco

Chief Yogini – Honor Yoga


With Honor Yoga you have a trusted business partner and a brand that is literally setting the bar. This could be the growth solution your studio is looking for.

What Makes Honor Yoga Unique?

Proven results: Our partners have seen their studios grow in new members, returning members, and nine other ancillary profit centers such as retreats, workshop, teacher training privates and more.

An Unmatched Curriculum: With a close balance between the traditional asanas and the newest trends no two Honor classes are alike! We offer a core curriculum of classes with amazing training, growth and development for your teachers.

Diversify Your Offerings: Honor’s mission is to bring yoga to a greater number of people. By focusing on programs that welcome beginners, those with mental or physical ailments, children, family or the advanced yogi we are able to gain and maintain sustainable and successful marketing share.

Our Mission & Vision

We are an eco beginner friendly community brand focused on enriching and transforming lives through yoga. Our mission is to honor and empower our students’ journey toward personal growth and well-being, no matter their age or physical ability, in an inclusive and community-oriented environment. Our vision is to continue to grow as the nations most well known and respected yoga brand.

About Our Studios

Since the opening of our first studio in in 2013 Honor Yoga has built a model of success for the individual owner operator. The owner is the heart of their studio and their community. We spent almost 3 years perfecting the model before offering franchise opportunities nationwide. At Honor Yoga it is our belief that each community is unique which is why each studio is Individually owned and operated.

Options for The Growth Of Your Studio & Community

While we take over the many painstaking administrative tasks associated with owning a studio following an acquisition, we always honor the legacy of each studio we acquire. From hiring the existing teachers and staff to serving the same beloved tea after class, we strive to maintain the unique character and culture of each studio that joins our family.

We also continue to support the ingenuity and dedication of the teachers by maintaining the programming that has been so carefully tailored to the local community. After all that is what made the studio successful in the first place.