L Pose How-to with Cathy Madeo and Honor Yoga Now

L pose

Arm balances are often both the thrill and terror of beginner yogis. Standing on your hands can seem impossible to someone whose practice is new. Fortunately, there are many variations to try that will enable you to find the one that feels most comfortable. At the same time, strengthening your arms and core will make the inversions easier and allow you to move on to another variation.

While teachers demonstrate most variations in class, you might want to practice an easy variation at home, as this will more quickly make you stronger and more comfortable. Honor Yoga Now videos feature entire classes you can take at home, but also specific pose practice with instruction, thus allowing you to progress when you return to the studio.

The most important thing to know about proper inversion posture is that, just like standing on your feet, a strong core—both your abdominals and your back—will help you. While you’re upside down, be sure to engage your abs and lift out of your hips, just like a dancer. Bring your shoulders to your ears, as if you’re shrugging. As in all things hatha yoga, focusing on your posture and your breath will take away the focus from any fear you may have.

In this video, Cathy demonstrates L Pose which strengthens your arms, shoulders, and core while also using the strength of your legs to help support you. It’s a great pose for beginner yogis, and will you move from a restorative inversion, such Legs Up the Wall, to an active inversion! You’ll feel the thrill of being (almost) upside down without the fear of falling. Eventually, L Pose can help you move into Crow, Headstand, and Handstand.

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