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Honor Yoga Now- lotus pose

Anywhere, and at anytime, we have a moment when we feel the presence of our yoga practice even though we are off our mats and not in a posture. Maybe we’re in a meeting and a co-worker is being long-winded and instead of saying something we’ll regret, we practice ujjayi breathing, calming ourselves. A-ha! We realize. This is yoga.
Or maybe we are standing at our daughter’s lacrosse game and we realize getting into Downward Facing Dog is all we need and that we can do it. Right now. On the sidelines. At the game. We feel like a beginner at yoga, but we realize that we have become a yogi.
Those moments feel great, and understanding that our yoga practice is always with us is a significant step in our yoga journey, but it is also true that we want our yoga to keep us company. Let’s face it, we are told that if we love something we should let it go (just to see if it comes back) (by the way, love shouldn’t be a test), but the truth is, when we love something, the first thing we want to do is hold it tight and keep it with us wherever we go. That’s why we created Honor Yoga Now, a video streaming service that gives you all of the core Honor Yoga classes on your computer or mobile device, so you can have yoga anywhere, anytime.
Of course, the great thing about carrying something you love in your pocket (or having it on your desk) is that you get to use it whenever you want, but the second best thing about Honor Yoga Now (and this is how it’s even better than anything or anyone else you may love) you get to use it anywhere, anytime.
To try Honor Yoga Now, we recommend trying your first two weeks free. They comprise a variety of yoga classes, and you’ll probably find something you can us right in this moment, Because you carry your yoga, you carry it in your heart.

Dana Toff
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