A Word From the Chief Yogini: Business Partnerships As Dharma

We love our gratitude partners

Creating community within a business is important, but another way Honor Yoga builds community is with other business partnerships, and this is definitely a key to our success, both financially and spiritually.

Before I explain the logistics of business to business communities, I want to define dharma, a Sanskrit word, because it has a variety of translations. In this case, I am using it to mean “an essential quality,” although it is sometimes roughly translated as “way of life.” I use these definitions because I believe Honor Yoga’s partnerships with other businesses are an essential quality of our success, and the success of other businesses.

Many of my peers—business owners and CEOs—think of other companies as competition. You might imagine that if there is one yoga studio in town, then the owner of that studio wouldn’t want someone else to open another studio. That’s an instinctual reaction, right? It comes from fear. What if they take away business? What if they are better than me?

As a business owner, I view all other business owners, even if they are in the exact same business as me, as teachers, and I welcome them. First, I think there is room for all of us to be successful—I have an attitude of abundance. Second, I believe another business’ success will help me better define my own business. The new studio and my studios will need to distinguish themselves from each other and that drives us to succeed, not fail.

Likewise, at Honor we also turn to businesses that aren’t yoga studios to build community. We call these partners our “Gratitude Partners.” We help these local like-minded businesses promote their community and they promote ours. At Honor we are always balancing people, purpose, and profit. The qualities we look for are helpfulness, balance, and intention.

In other words: Is it a business that wants to help people? Does it balance profit with other values? Is its intention toward good rather than the opposite. It goes without saying that Honor partners with likeminded businesses that practice, and value ahimsa (non-violence).

To learn more about the Honor Yoga business philosophy and franchise opportunities, see our website: https://www.honoryoga.com/open-an-honor-studio/

Maria Turco
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