A Word from the Chief Yogini: Getting Things Done!

Maria Turco Chief Yogini

Getting the job done is what success is all about. There’s no getting around this basic truth. You can be as evolved and as enlightened as possible, but if you own a business, then the bottom line is that things have to get done. If you, as the business owner or the yoga teacher, don’t get your to-do list finished, then some aspect of your business is falling behind.

I have found that many women focus on the result they want rather than an action item when they make a list of goals. It is more useful to create a to-do list of actions, and then making sure you execute each step in order to actually reach your goals. Executing the actions on a to-do list rather than making a list of accomplishments is one secret to success.

For example, let’s say someone tells me she wants to get 1,000 people to follow her on Instagram. Well, that sounds great, but I immediately will ask her, “How are you going to achieve that? What are your actionable steps to make that happen?”

I would have more faith in a person who tells me she has a three-step action plan for social media: One, follow ten new people on Instagram every day in order to build more social media relationships. Two, post two pictures every day from different locations to create interest. Three, tweet three times a day in order to cross-market.

Once that plan of actionable steps is in place, then the goal is to execute those steps, and that is what will bring about success.

Here is a New Year’s challenge for you: what are three actionable steps you can take every day to build your business?

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