A Beginner Yoga Challenge – 8 Angle Pose

8-angle pose

Every beginner yoga student looks around her those first few classes and sees someone who is able to do an “advanced” posture and thinks, “Oh my gosh, I will never be able to do that.” We’ve all been there, but Honor Yoga invites you to approach your practice with a little different perspective on “challenge” poses. To begin, remind yourself that every pose and variation is a real pose. The most advanced postures are not the only ones that count.

In fact, yoga postures aren’t “better” just because they are “more difficult.” There are variations of every pose because one pose doesn’t fit every body, and also because every variation presents its own challenges. Even the poses that seem most accessible, such as savasana (corpse) or Tadasan (mountain pose) offer a yogic challenge; here the challenge is to focus on your breath or your ability to stay present in the moment. When you are striving for success, you aren’t necessarily at ease.

With today’s video from Honor Yoga NOW, we ask to look at the way a beginner yoga student can start to approach an advanced yoga pose. With the instruction offered through Honor Yoga NOW’s online videos, you will find the post broken down so that you can do the variation that is right for you. 

For example, instructor Katie Fanning explores opening the hips and then using blocks for support. She offers helpful tips on hand placement, and, of course, throughout the video, she is focusing on her breath.

 Sometimes what holds beginner yoga students back is fear of looking silly in a classroom. If this resonates with you, Honor Yoga NOW will complement your studio visits by offering you instruction at home. You can practice and build strength and confidence from the comfort of home without anyone around. We invite you to play with 8 Angle Pose.

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Dana Toff
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