Refine Your Skills with Close Guidance!

Honor Yoga’s 75-Hour Apprenticeship Program

Honor Yoga’s 75-hour Apprenticeship Program is for any 200-hour certified yoga teacher seeking to elevate their teaching skills through personal and firsthand guidance with a seasoned Honor Yoga teacher trainer.

The apprentice role is powerful means for teachers to:

+ Refine teaching skills and fortify authentic voice

+ Enhance your ability to ‘read the room’ and gain confidence in sequence adaptation

+ Learn the art seeing subtleties and appropriately addressing through assists

+ Immerse yourself in a mentor’s methodology

+ Receive personal guidance with teaching objectives, goals and vision

+ Identify and shape a unique style as a teacher

+ Transform cueing to be more effective and sequencing distinguished

+ Indispensable Q & A time with your mentor and fellow apprentices to review what’s come up in the classroom

+ Learn how to include philosophy, pranayama and meditation in class or personal practice

+ Widen your teaching perspective and critical thinking skills with current ethical discussion

+ Grow your classes, community and sense of connection

Program Design:

Attend 15 classes with your mentor

Assist 15 of your mentor’s classes

Attend 8 3-hour practice teaching sessions with mentor(s) & fellow apprentices

Attend 6 3-hour apprentice meetings with your mentor & fellow apprentices

This apprenticeship program accounts for 75 hours of the Honor Yoga 300-Hour program. The apprenticeship program may be taken alone to poignantly refine teaching skills, or, apply the 75 hours to your Honor Yoga 300-hour program.

Student Objectives:

+ Better understand themselves as a yoga teacher by identifying strengths, talents, and areas to improve via feedback on voice, cueing, hands-on assists, sequences

+ Advance and clarify teaching skills through repeated practice teaching with peers and skilled mentor teacher observing

+ Shape their style as a teacher

+ Learn ethical student/teacher relationship that exemplifies equanimity, understanding and compassion

Prerequisites for Applicant:

+ Graduate of a Yoga Alliance registered 200-hour program.

+ Students of 75-hour apprenticeship program must be actively teaching

(this includes non-studio classes)

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+ Who qualifies to take the Apprenticeship Program?

Honor Yoga’s Apprenticeship Program is open to:

1. Any 200-hour graduate of a Yoga Alliance approved program. You do not have to be yoga alliance registered.

2. Is teaching a weekly class. This class can be a studio or corporate class, donation or free. Maybe you teach your friends or family or co-workers weekly. It’s not about who you are teaching. Our program is specifically designed to enhance teacher’s skill, acumen and confidence. It is paramount that you apply you are learning to your own weekly class.

+ What if I am not currently teaching yoga?

The Apprenticeship Program is reserved to those 200-hour YA certified teachers actively teaching yoga on a weekly basis. If interested in pursuing Honor Yoga’s 300-hour Teacher Training Program we recommend beginning with other modules (there are 8 modules and the apprenticeship program is one) while you carve out a way to teach a class regularly.

+ How do I enroll in the Apprenticeship Program?

Honor Yoga’s Apprenticeship Programs are hosted by studios that have a qualifying mentor. The studio and mentor decide what time of year to offer the program. Enrollment takes place through the studio hosting the program you wish to enroll in.

+ How long is the Apprenticeship Program?

4-5 months

+ How are the hours distributed?

24 hours practice teaching with fellow apprentices and proctored by mentor to strengthen all areas of teaching skills- a total of eight 3-hour practice teaching sessions.

18 hours meeting with your mentor along with fellow apprentices to clarify personal goals, gain insight and knowledge on classroom assists, review hands on, discuss what is coming up in your teaching, review homework and more – a total of six 3-hour group meetings.

15 hours assisting your mentor’s classes- assist 15 approximately 1hr class

15 hours practicing with your mentor- attend 15 approximately 1hr classes.
Please note: online classes or programs with your mentor do not qualify.
Workshops, series or immersions your mentor only is teaching do qualify.

5 hours homework- homework will be distributed by your mentor in apprentice group meetings and tailored to suit individual or group needs.

+ When do Apprenticeship Programs begin and end?

This is dependent upon the studio you enroll in; however, each program will begin with an apprentice meeting and end with the last practice teaching session with an allowance to complete any remaining class assists or class taking requirements within a few weeks of last practice teach.

+ Do I have to complete the entire 75 hours within 4-5 months or can I break it up over a longer period of time?

Yes, it is required to complete all hours within the length of the program. Program length varies from studio to studio due to the frequency of practice teaching session and ability of apprentice to complete weekly assists and class taking requirements. The program completes with the last practice teach session

+ Do I have to take all hours with one mentor?

In the best interest of the student, to establish a strong and trusted relationship with a teacher and fellow apprentices, and for consistency in class assists, all contact hours must be completed with one mentor. There are exceptions for one or two make-ups if assists were missed and to complete the program by it’s end date.

+ How many apprentices will be with working with the same mentor for the same period of time?

Mentors are limited to a maximum of 8 apprentices per session.

+ How does the Apprenticeship Program relate to Honor Yoga’s 300-hour Program?

This apprenticeship program accounts for 75 hours of the Honor Yoga 300-Hour program. The apprenticeship program may be taken alone to poignantly refine teaching skills, or, apply the 75 hours to your Honor Yoga 300-hour program.

+ If I want to take Honor Yoga’s 300-hour Program should I take the Apprenticeship Program module before, during or after other modules?

This will vary from student to student. Teachers that have been teaching for 1-2 years may feel more confident to jump into the program. Recent 200-hour graduates are recommended complete Module 2: Asana and must secure a regular weekly class before taking the Apprenticeship Program. Some students may want to complete all the 8 modules of the Honor Yoga 300-hour teacher training from start to finish, approximately a 7-month period. This means they are in the Apprenticeship Program concurrently with other modules.

+ Is there a payment plan for the Apprenticeship Program?

Yes! Inquire within your enrolling studio.