30 Day Back to the Mat Challenge: Day One: Sankulpa

It’s Day One of the 30 Day Challenge and this year I am in! As part of the communications Team at Honor Yoga this isn’t my first yoga challenge but IS the first time, I’ve decided that this really is for ME too.  

A little background. I have a lifelong habit of creating things for others to enjoy and in which to thrive. I even let my yoga practice fall into this pattern. I was the first person to tell everyone that yoga was a life-changer yet I let my own practice fall into “something I could get back to at any time, that it was there for me when I had time and space.” 

What if I was wrong? It was at this point, I became extremely ill. Hospitalized with Lyme’s disease unable to turn my head, unable to walk more than a few steps, in excruciating pain that made me unable to sit up or sleep,and a heart rate that would go from life-threateningly high to barely beating. 

It is in the throws of thinking something is no longer mine, that I want it back. I want to walk and move again without fear, without discomfort, and I WANT TO PRACTICE YOGA! The weeks leading up to the challenge have been surreal. Regaining the ability to remember what I was trying to say, to being able to take care of my family. I knew the Challenge was coming and this year it wasn’t going to be for everyone else, I wanted it for ME! 

So what is the Challenge about for me? Bending into shape is something my body needs and something I’m terrified and curious about at the same time. I have always had the feeling that yoga is the most healing thing that one could do. I tell people that every day. Time to put myself and the practice to the test.  In dong the poses, my intention is to heal.

I have the inside scoop, I know there are poses I will not be able to do, but I’m ready to just feel the connection, to have the structure and the community to make me begin again. What the practice ALWAYS brings back for me is that potential, that sense that I have something powerful inside me — and that these strange shapes and patterns and movements somehow bring forth what nothing else does. It is the medicine I think I need most. 


Social Media Challenge: Be sure to share your daily pose using #Hy30days and tagging @honoryoganow.

I don’t expect all my Challenge friends to have the same journey ahead and I’m glad. I look forward to those who make an art of the challenge photo, those who will take their practice to the streets or to their workplace, and to the daily posts from everyone who shares their practice from the outside. I’ll be sharing mine from what happens on the inside!

My Sankulpa – I am wellness, I am healing. I am the practice of yoga. 


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