Mindful Eating Challenge Day 21: Bringing It All Together

Day 21: Bringing It All Together 

Congratulations on completing three weeks of the mindful eating jump start! You have followed through on your intention to make eating an extension of your yoga practice.  If you have reverted back to any habits that you hoped to change, it is always available to come back to your intention.  The key shift for me in making this lifestyle commitment was fully recognizing that I wasn’t depriving myself. Instead I wast unlocking my truest ambitions – to be a source of joy and compassion and to make a positive difference in the world around me.  I have countless opportunities to shine a light for others who may still be in the dark about the results of eating a standard American diet. 

Over the last twenty days, we’ve explored the benefits of incorporating more whole foods into a plant centered diet.  We’ve also touched on practical, environmental, physical, psychological and biological reasons why eating a diet focused on plants promotes more harmony and connection – it brings us closer to the source of our nourishment.   

 We’ve broken down some of the individual components of high-nutrient foods like dark leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables, nourishing fruits, pre- and pro-biotics, and protein.  We can easily incorporate all of these elements into single meals, whether it is breakfast or a  Buddha bowl.  Hopefully you’ve tried some new foods and new recipes. Most of all it’s my wish that you have experienced how incredible whole foods can taste.  Like our physical practice, we can still push ourselves too hard or eat too much or place too many unnecessary rules around eating.  Eating mindfully entails proper restraint by being present enough to know when we are full.  Practice swadhyaya or self-study, to know yourself and the way of eating that will unlock your full potential. 

Practice of the Day: Reflect on the past three weeks and revisit your reasons for embarking on this journey. 

Did you learn something about food that you did not know before?  Have you incorporated any of the mindful eating rituals in your daily practice?  Discovered new ways to connect to your food, your family, or your environment?  Share your experience with others who are on similar paths, share your favorite recipes, ask a friend who has never experienced plant based whole foods to share a meal together.   

Recipe Suggestions: 

Berry Bliss Oat Squares
Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese (two ways)
Detox Salad with Berries
Raw Orange Chocolate Pudding
Raw Strawberry Pie
Layered Raw Taco Salad for Two 



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