15 Oct 21 Day Challenge Day Eleven: Reclined Thread the Needle or Supta Kapotāsana

Welcome to Day  Eleven of the 21-Day Challenge.
Today’s pose is Reclined Thread the Needle or Supta Kapotāsana.

The benefits of this stretch are many. It offers a gentle stretch of hamstrings, quadriceps, and the psoas muscle. The pose also offers release of tension in outer hips and with proper alignment, decompresses lower spine. As a result, you also have the benefits of improved circulation through the pelvic area of the body and improved digestion.


Thread the Needle helps us to prepare for other poses in our practice including backbends and standing poses and challenging seated postures such as Padmasana (Lotus Pose). As a hip opener, this pose is accessible to beginners and advanced yogis alike.  Thread the Needle can be an important posture in preparing for meditation by making seated postures more comfortable. The pose is versatile and can be sequenced as part of practice warm up or at the end as part of the cool down. It is a highly beneficial stretch to practice after standing postures as it helps release any tension in hips and lower back.

For proper alignment, keep the feet flexed, the sacrum on the floor, and the shoulders relaxed and pressing into the floor. Also try and release any tension in the face, neck or jaw while in the pose being careful not to turn the head side to side. Focus on drawing the knee toward the shoulder as opposed to the center of the chest.

Click here for video instruction of today’s pose with Heather from Honor Yoga Hillsborough.

Lori Ball
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