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Yin Yoga Teaching Program

with Ellen Mosko, at Honor Yoga Pennington
March 9-10, 2019
Sat 1-8pm
Sun 1130-615pm

Level 1: Foundations – Yin Yoga

The first of a 2-part series, this training, for both yoga teachers and experienced Yin practitioners, is geared to deepen knowledge of the benefits, structure and subtle body effects of an ongoing still practice. Training will include 12 hours of direct contact, plus an additional 4 hour of online training/access with Ellen.

We work and play hard most of the time and our activities can leave us feeling unsettled, stressed or worn out. Cultivating a yin yoga practice brings balance to the physical body, our nervous system and encourages a mindful attitude. The long-held floor postures connect us to conscious breath work and bring to light the difficulty of staying present to ourselves. Yin postures physically unwind long held tension held throughout both body and mind and free up our creative juices.

Foundations Topics: 

Yin Yoga Theory, History and Yin vs. Yang
Yin Yoga Asana
Tattvas/Principles of the Yin Practice
Tension vs. Compression
Anatomy of Yin: Observing Variation
Subtle Body Part 1
Meridian Theory
Applied Breath Practice

Certificate Included

Register below to reserve your space in the training. Open to the public.

Investment: $399
Discounts available for HY teachers, TT Grads, and Members