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Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training

with Nathalie Edmond

Honor Yoga Hillsborough
July 27-28, 2019

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training

Trauma Sensitive Yoga has foundations in trauma theory, attachment theory, and neuroscience as well as deep roots in yoga. At the moment of trauma our arousal system (sympathetic and parasympathetic) is impacted moving us into hyperarousal or hypoarousal. We are wired to automatically engage our animal defenses which are fight, flight, freeze, submit or attach to help us survive. If we experience repeated traumas there can be lasting effects on our body and arousal system which makes yoga a healing modality to help address the body’s memories of the trauma. The breath is the vehicle for helping to regulate our arousal system. Trauma sensitive yoga aims to cultivate awareness of the mind-body connection and build self-regulation skills to address the ways in which trauma is held in the body.

Pillars of trauma informed care that will be reviewed in the training:

•   building awareness/mindfulness of mind-body connection and how trauma is held in the body
•   teaching in a way that focuses on internal experience rather than expression of asanas
•   fostering curiosity, self-trust, and self-confidence
•   development of safety
•   promotion of healing relationships
•   teaching of self-management and coping skills
•   empowering choices in how one practices and move’s one’s body
•   pacing of practice so one doesn’t feel overwhelmed
•   helping to safely connect to one’s body
•   identifying and changing somatic pattern
•   learning somatic resources and focused breathing exercises
•   understanding role of mindfulness
•   understanding how privilege and power can impact relationships
•   promoting post-traumatic growth

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Investment: $395
Discounts available for HY teachers, TT Grads, and Members