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Tips for Starting a Yoga Practice at Home

Home and Practice: Simplify or Amplify, it’s yours to create from the comfort of home!
What image does a home yoga practice conjure up for you? I work from home, so the home practice takes on the context of my work day which involves alot of sitting at the computer. My daily practice is often shaped by what’s needed that day, sometimes the energetic lift of sun salutations while at other times, it’s the grounding focus of holding a balance pose that is my practice. The possibilities are as varied as we are as individuals. For someone else the home practice might be the rigor and ritual that starts or ends the day or time spent working on a particular challenge pose with dedication. These are just a few scenarios. However you approach it, yoga at home offers opportunity to deepen and grow by making it your own, by allowing your body and your mind to guide you.
This is not to say that practicing at home is limited to those who are home-bound, nor does it mean you have to go it alone! While it can be uniquely yours, personal doesn’t have to mean isolated. Instead, for a home practice destined to last and to grow, an influx of expertise and support are key. Expert video instruction offers this. It means at the those moments when you don’t know what to do, or how to do it, or just need someone else’s voice to guide you, you have support at hand. Video instruction is a way to work with an expert teacher in your own space, at your own pace, and at whatever time works for you as well! It also means you can stop and start, keep working at something. which is something that you can’t do in a group class.
Get started with your home practice with tips from Cathy Madeo, the Yogi behind Honor Yoga NOW, on-demand video platform.
You can follow her @cathymadeoyoga.
Find a space. You don’t need a yoga room at home to practice, but make it easy on yourself. Find a space where you can leave your mat out. This helps removes any barrier from you and your practice. If you don’t have  space where you can keep your mat out, keep it handy in a clutter free area.
Comfortable clothing. When at home, dress in comfortable clothing in which you can practice. If you work outside of home, be sure to change so you are ready to get on your mat. This also helps you feel free to be more playful with your practice, feeling unencumbered to get on your mat more often.
Try different class types and teachers. Moderation is a hallmark of living the yogi life. Balance your practice with different class types and specialty classes. It will benefit your practice in the long run. Do you trend toward power and flow classes? Treat yourself to a restore or gentle practice to reset your parasympathetic nervous system and help you create a sustainable practice. Love to relax and pamper yourself? Try a Flow class or Calm & Strong — see if you can bring the same element of ease to a more challenging paced practice.
Try different settings to practice in. Honor Yoga Now allows you to practice anywhere! Go to a park or the beach to practice, try a meditation on the train, watch a mindful minute while doing this dishes. The more you integrate the practice into your daily routine the more the practice will become a habit.
Do not skip the rest! Savansana is an important part of your practice. During this resting pose, your neuromuscular system absorbs everything you did in the practice. This is especially important after a vigorous practice. Symbolically it reminds us that every moment we can awake anew. If you only have a brief amount of time, try a shorter class to ensure you take your rest.
Get Started with your home practice.
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