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20-Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

With Shannon Cranmer

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20-Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Honor Yoga’s 20-Hour restorative teacher training program is taught by Shannon Cranmer and was created by Shannon Cranmer, Nathalie Edmond, and Karen Kissel, a team of restore instructors dedicated to the healing modality that is restorative yoga, and the growth of the individuals who are called to experience it.

This program is appropriate for the following students:

  • 200 or 500 hour Yoga Alliance approved teacher
  • Massage therapists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Reiki Practitioners, Nurses, and any individual who desires to learn

Are you ready to learn more about restorative yoga beyond your own practice?

Restorative Yoga is an energetic healing modality that infuses the gentle supportive opening of the body through passive supported stretching married with the use of focused breath work and meditation techniques.


This 20-Hour training will give you the tools to facilitate a restorative yoga class, offer private restorative sessions, accompany any healing modalities you already facilitate, and most importantly this 20-hour training will give you the tools to create and maintain balance in your own life.

  • Benefits of Restorative YogaRelaxation Response EducationAsana
  • Props
  • Enhancing The Restorative Practice
  • Sequencing
  • Special Considerations
  • Yoga Nidra

Meet Shannon

Shannon Magee Cranmer is rooted in her belief of the power of thought and lives her life through positive thinking and affirmations. Everything she does centers around staying disciplined in this belief, staying motivated, and determined.

During Shannon’s teacher training she discovered the healing practice of Restorative Yoga.  Upon opening her own HY Studio, she began teaching Restorative Yoga multiple times per week, and saw an increasing demand. From there she co-wrote HY’s first Restorative teacher training curriculum. It is her intention to empower teachers with this practice to serve the communities they work in as healers. Shannon’s many years of bodywork practice combined with restore has given her even deeper roots in this holistic modality.