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Adell Bridges

Join Us at Honor Yoga Princeton for a Weekend with Adell Bridges

Four Amazing Workshops in Two Days – July 28 & 29

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Meet Adell Bridges

Adell is a yoga teacher currently travelling the world to share her love of yoga. Her background as a gymnast plays a meaningful role in the playful and creative style of her teaching, which she intertwines with pranayama, yoga philosophy, and anatomy to take the physical practice into a journey of inner awareness and acceptance. Adell trained in India before teaching in Asia, Europe, Central and North America, sharing her own yoga journey in hopes of inspiring and serving others in theirs.

Inversions in Motion

A workshop for handstand newbies as well as seasoned hand-balancers, which will explore some of the many transitions to and from a handstand. Building from a strong foundation, we will move through a fun array of transitions and balances, using different muscle groups to get the whole body involved as we grow our hand-standing practice.

Saturday, July 28 1:30-3:30pm | Investment: $45 | Member Savings

Day Pricing (2 Workshops): $80 | Full Weekend Pricing: $150

Put Your Backbend Into It

This is a workshop for anyone wanting to take their backbends to the next level, or to feel more confident going into backbending postures, by focusing on dropbacks, tick-tocks, and walkovers. These fun but challenging movements are empowering and strengthening! Looking at the anatomy and the physics of the backbend, we will go through techniques and tips for safely and effectively adding them to your practice!

Saturday, July 28 4:30-6:30pm | Investment: $45 | Member Savings

Day Pricing (2 Workshops): $80 | Full Weekend Pricing: $150


The more variety we can add to our practice, the more mobility and awareness we can achieve. In this workshop we will explore new ways of moving on our mats by incorporating gymnastics style postures and movements to our yoga practice. This will be an opportunity to have some fun with skills more often seen on a balance beam than a yoga mat! By bringing in elements of gymnastic transitions and training concepts, we can help bring more grace and fluidity to our vinyasa practice.

Sunday, July 29 1:30-3:30pm | Investment: $45 | Member Savings

Day Pricing (2 Workshops): $80 | Full Weekend Pricing: $150

What the Fascia Flexibility Workshop

Flexibility is a largely misunderstood concept. In this workshop we will look at the importance of flexibility and its relation to strength, we will deepen our understanding of the anatomy of flexibility, and we will explore ways to improve our own mobility through working the fascia lines. Finally I will equip you with some tools and techniques to take with you into your own asana practice to continue working towards greater mobility, flexibility, and strength.

Sunday, July 29 4:30-6:30pm | Investment: $45 | Member Savings

Day Pricing (2 Workshops): $80 | Full Weekend Pricing: $150

About Honor Yoga Princeton

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All levels of practice are welcome. Our beautiful eco-friendly studio is located in the heart of Princeton Junction on US Route 1, next to the Princeton Whole Foods Market in the Windsor Green Shopping Center. We offer Flow, Power, Aerial, Beginners, Calm & Strong, as well as Yoga for Kids and Teens. We host multiple workshops monthly to deepen and advance your yoga practice with the leading yoga teachers in New Jersey and beyond. We are easily accessible to the communities of Princeton, Lawrenceville, West Windsor, East Windsor, Hopewell, Lawrence, and Princeton Junction in New Jersey.