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Monday Mantra for Creating Your Best Day!

Monday Mantra post by Shannon Cranmer for making every day your best with a practice of mindful observation!

The more we observe the world around us and how we are relating to it, the more connected we become. The contentedness brings us closer to ourselves, closer to living each and everyday as our BEST DAY!

1. Take a moment of reflection. Just a moment to connect. One single moment to check back in with yourself. Feel your body, and it’s energy. Feel the movement of your breath and begin to observe any thoughts that arise.

2. Now, take a moment and recall your best day. When was the last time you had a best day ever experience? Would you believe this can be every day? Sometimes even the best days come from those that seem least likely to be called a great day. When we become more observant (and less reactive) to our days, we learn to no longer move in and out of each day as an experience. The more we choose to observe the more we  become proficient in recognizing when experiences are not healthy for us. Through observation we can then begin to choose different paths, or different ways of looking at the same thing.  My best days usually begin and end with awareness, observation, and  gratitude.

3. The choice to become an observer takes practice. Here’s a tip: I imagine a tiny me inside my head watching the world around me like a mind movie on the big screen. That tiny me tells me when to pause, to come into myself, to listen to my body, and to slow down my reaction to what surrounds.

4. To help you develop your powers of observation and connection with self, try beginning or ending your day with this mantra, “My new path begins with awareness and love” I will move through this day observing my thoughts and emotions, I am the creator of my best day! ”

Go forth and enjoy YOUR best day! – Shannon

Lori Ball
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