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Whether your goal is to help relax your body and mind, restore balance after injury or stress, build strength and flexibility, or you are just ready to discover yoga for the first time, at Honor Yoga you will find experienced and dedicated teachers that are focused on honoring your body’s ability today, and helping to prepare you for your future goals.

At Honor, you will find experienced and dedicated teachers ready to meet you and your practice and guide you through your yoga practice, now and as it grows and changes in the future.

All classes at Honor fulfill what we call the Five Pillars of the yogic practice: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, Social, and Intellectual. In every class we offer a fully developed practice that meets you in all aspects of a complete yoga experience. Whether your goal is to relax your body and mind, restore balance after injury or stress, build strength and flexibility, or you are exploring yoga for the first time, Honor has the teaching expertise to meet your needs.

Gentle: A full yoga class experience with a gentler approach. Longer sequence of floor poses and slower movements and transitions. While all yogis can benefit from a cooler practice at times, this class is ideally suited to those who prefer little weight bearing on the wrists, knees, shoulders, and neck and a stretchy slow pace.

Restore: Relaxing and restful on the surface, restorative is a therapeutic practice that supports healing on the inside. Whether you take restorative yoga for therapeutic purposes or as a rejuvenating and relaxing compliment to a challenging practice.

Roots: A beginner level class linking breath and movement. Poses are linked together in sequence but there is more time spent on breaking down poses with instructional cues. Perfect class for those looking to master the basics. Slow Flow or Flow Class is a natural progression from this foundation class.

Strong and Calm: This is a class will dispel the perception that yoga is about flexibility – Guys, you’ll love this class! In this mixed level class, you will find meditative movements paired with longer held strength-building postures that build both muscular and join stability. Think strength, stamina, and calmness of mind in this challenging steady practice.

Slow Flow: is a perfect class for those honor yogis ready for a more fluidity and challenge than in Roots classes. In this mixed level class, you will take on new variations and poses too as your practice builds!

Flow: An intermediate class incorporates vinyasa/flow sequence between standing poses: down dog, plank, chaturanga, cobra/up dog. But don’t expect every class to be the same but do expect strength building, inversions, and progressions to work toward more advanced interpretations of postures. Perfect for experienced yogis who want a challenging practice and opportunity to continually grow and develop by going deeper into postures.

Power Flow: Turn up the heat – internal heat that is! This is a challenging class when you want to emphasize both cardiovascular endurance and strength in this advanced flow practice. The class is specifically designed with unique sequencing and transitions needed to move between postures and includes optional advanced asana such as arm balances and inversions. Variations of each advanced posture is included to help students build up to the full expression of each pose with time and practice. It is recommended that students have a good handle on Flow classes before beginning their Power Flow practice.