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Honor Yoga Cleveland South Is Hiring! Join Our Team

Coming Soon to Cleveland South Communities

Honor Yoga Beginner and Eco-Friendly Yoga and Meditation Studios

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Honor Yoga of Cleveland South Welcomes All to the Practice of Yoga






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Join the Cleveland South Community with Yoga & Meditation for All

At Honor Yoga Cleveland South, you will honor your mind, body, and self through the practice of yoga. We serve our entire community by offering classes at all levels. Our 30-Day Trial and Charter Membership allows you to take an unlimited number of Yoga, Meditation, and Aerial classes at Honor Yoga Cleveland South, and is truly the most cost effective way to begin, or to continue your Yoga journey. All Pre-Sale Memberships will also include our Intro to Roots Series—a four week introduction to yoga, philosophy, and meditation. 

Member Benefits Include: Unlimited Classes, Discounts on Retail, Workshops, and Select Services, Discounted Family Add-on Rate, Free Ignite Your Practice Private Session, Alignment Refinement and other Select Workshops.

Aerial Flow

Aerial flow is a mixed level class that moves with fluidity and links poses together. Using an aerial silk allows the body to work gravity, create space in the joints, and lengthen the muscles. The aerial yoga wraps rest on pressure points bringing energetic balance to the meridians in the body. Compression free inversions boost the lymphatic system and detoxify the body while giving traction to the spine. An overall increase in flexibility, increase in the circulatory system, and mood boost are among some of the additional benefits to a regular practice.

Honor Yoga Cleveland South Classes

Gentle: Longer sequence of floor poses, low weight-bearing with slower movements, and a stretchy slow pace.

Roots: Start from the ground up in this foundations yoga class with an alignment-based sequence and instructional cues.

Strong & Calm: Bring strength, stamina, and calmness of mind in this challenging and steady mixed level yoga practice.

Slow Flow: A mixed level class for those ready to move with more fluidity and challenge their practice with vinyasa flow.

Flow: An intermediate level class linking breath and movement to create a connection between mind, body and self in this vinyasa based yoga class.

Power Flow: An advanced level flow class, emphasizing both cardiovascular and strength, designed with unique sequencing and transitions.

About Honor Yoga Cleveland South

Honor Yoga Cleveland South will be opening studios accessible to Strongsville, Brecksville, and Montrose-Ghent Communities. Honor Yoga is a sustainable community offering an approachable, loving environment to honor your mind, body & self through the practice of yoga. Our beautiful eco-friendly studios are located in the Cleveland area and beyond.