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Honor Yoga Welcomes All to the Practice of Yoga.

Teacher Training

Our diverse body of teachers and flexible program make Honor Yoga’s Teacher Training unique. Our teachers come from a variety of different backgrounds and yoga styles giving you a rich experience and a broad overview of yoga.

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Open an Honor Studio

By partnering with Honor Yoga to operate your yoga studio, you are joining a far-reaching community of yogis, teachers and business leaders focused on personal and spiritual growth. If bringing yoga to the world is your passion, and you have the leadership skills to manage and own your studio we are looking to work with you.

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From The Blog

  • Mindful Eating Challenge Day 19: Eating for the Environment

    Day 19 – Eating for Our Environment  What we decide to eat is both one of the most personal choices we can make as well as one with much farther reaching impacts. We have already examined that our food choice goes beyond feeding our human......

  • Mindful Eating Challenge Day 18: Buddha Bowls

    Day 18 – Buddha Bowls  The concept of the “Buddha bowl” brings together many of the healthy  eating habits we’ve already explored.  Buddha bowls, sometimes call macrobiotic bowls, are one-bowl meals made of an assortment of cooked and/or raw vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and sauces.  They......

  • Mindful Eating Challenge Day 17: Mis-en-Place

    Day 17 – Setting Yourself Up for Success with Mis-en-Place  The Kundalini master, Yogi Bhajan once said, “We’re human Beings, not human Doings.”  In modern life, how many of us take the time to stop doing and be?   We cling to our routines and have endless distractions at our fingertips — so much that it’s......

About Honor Yoga

Honor Yoga is a sustainable community of healing offering an approachable, loving environment to honor your mind, body & self through the practice of yoga. Our beautiful eco-friendly studios are expanding nationwide.