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Our diverse body of teachers and flexible program make Honor Yoga’s Teacher Training unique. Our teachers come from a variety of different backgrounds and yoga styles giving you a rich experience and a broad overview of yoga.

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From The Blog

  • Teacher Training: Pranayama, Following Our Breath.

    These days, when people hear the word “yoga,” they immediately think about wearing tight black pants, going to a studio, and exercising on a mat, but, for centuries, yoga referred to a way of life that centered around meditation in a quest for enlightenment. When......

  • A Word from the Chief Yogini: Yoga Means Oneness

    When I decided to create Honor Yoga, I knew that the most important aspect of this new business was that I build it based on the values of yoga. Of course, as in any business, making money and being successful would be one pillar of......

  • Teacher Training: The Subtle Body

    We’ve got our muscles and our bones, our organs and our connective tissues, but in our yoga teacher training, we learn about a whole other type of body composition: the subtle anatomy. The subtle anatomy refers to energy in our bodies, such as chakras, that......

About Honor Yoga

Honor Yoga is a sustainable community of healing offering an approachable, loving environment to honor your mind, body & self through the practice of yoga. Our beautiful eco-friendly studios are expanding nationwide.